Monday, April 25, 2011

Big Huge Games Trip


I’d like everyone to meet me at the Mount Royal Light Rail Stop at 4:20 PM on Wednesday. Even if you can drive, I’d prefer that you light rail with the class as I have papers for you all to sign.

Bring your dinner and money for a roundtrip ticket on the light rail ($3.20).

At Big Huge Games we’ll do the following:

1) Studio Tour

2) Demos (3d Studio Max and possibly one other one)

3) Brief Q&A with industry professionals outside of concept art

4) Critique of Jo-Jo and the Fiendish Lot. Guest critics are Andrew Auseon and Big Huge Game artist/designer Jessica Hara.

Because we have a pretty good projector, you don’t need to print the final Jo-Jo pieces. We’ll just look at them all together on the projector.

Following those four things you’ll all be released to take the light rail back to MICA.

For next week:

Take your story idea and do ONE concept, either character or environment, of your choosing.

Print this out to at least 8” x 10” and bring to class for one last critique.

Be prepared to briefly explain your story. Also give a quick write-up of it on the blog with your post.

Thanks! Email me with any questions!


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