Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cubone Boy

My story is about a boy who was placed in an orphanage as a small child. He stayed in the orphanage for many years, wondering why he was there and why no one wanted him. One day there was a horrible accident at a nuclear power plant only 3 miles away from the orphanage. When it happened, no one bothered evacuating the orphanage, and as a result, all of the children there became sick with radiation poisoning. Most of the children were able to make it to fallout camps and hospitals, but many of them did not make it very long. A few of the children, however, started to act strangely. They started regaining their strength, and the signs of radiation poisoning seemed to reverse. The radiation had started to alter their genes and their chemistry in a way that was making them, not only survive, but surpass their former human abilities. Many of them gained powers or psychic abilities, and our protagonist was no exception. He gained a type of telekinesis and the ability to emit a gas from any part of his body that would, when looking through it, act like an x-ray. With his new-found powers he decided to go out and find his parents who had abandoned him and left him with so much hurt. His parents were very young and living in a trailer. When asked why they abandoned him his mother responded that they just didn't have the resources to raise him, and giving him up for something better was the hardest thing for her to do. This was not enough for our protagonist, as he proceeded to kill both his mother and his father. The mother fought back and gave him the scars on his chest. After killing them he kept the mother's skull as a trophy. He fashioned a covering for his face with it. From that moment on, he was known as the Cubone Boy (named after the pokemon :D). He did everything he could to find more radiation in the hopes that it would make him more powerful, and every time he did the radiation would take more of a toll on his cranial functions, slowly turning him into an insane super villain. The End.

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