Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Uh, okay so. I only have a somewhat general outline for the story.

Basically there's this fairly isolated village/town in the far north. The people are indigenous to the region, and developed a somewhat industrialized society, but they retain a fairly isolationist policy.
Then eventually, foreign settlers begin to move in closer and closer. The natives begin to become more weary of their presence, but otherwise indifferent as long as they're left alone.
But of course why would they be left alone, that would be boring.
Territory wars ensue.
Those are fun, right?
Here I did the village as it would have been at the very beginning before we were left with war-torn ruins or whatnot or whatever happens.
I wish I had been able to explore the actual people a bit more, like how they would look. Hopefully the environment is at least somewhat indicative. I imagine them to be fairly traditional people with comparatively limited technology. But maybe that's a project for another time.

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