Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Story Character

A long time ago there lived a horse that was the kindest and gentlest of all the Indian ponies. She was the only horse that would allow the little ones to near her, while the other horses were easily spooked and quick to run away. She was very important to the tribe because she taught all the children how to ride and take care of the horses. She worked very hard for the tribe and she had become old and tired. To reward her hard work the Shaman transformed her into a beautiful young girl. She was happy to be young again but she could not understand the ways of the humans, there was so much to learn! She soon wandered off into the forest, confused and missing her old body. In the forest she would sometimes find young boys and girls who had also wandered off just like her. The girl had then made it her job to lead the children back to the tribe so that no child would be lost. The tribe was once again grateful towards her so the shaman decided to reward her once again. He made her into a spirit that would guard the tribe for all eternity. When she became the spirit, she kept her human form but had all the strength and speed of a horse and a beautiful long tail. She was once again happy and with her new powers she kept everyone safe. She taught all the horses to be gentle like she had been and everyone in the tribe loved their new guardian.

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