Monday, May 2, 2011

Final Concept

Random clown bruiser


It is the year 200z, and the world's ecosystem is collapsing. Deserts spread and eat up the landscape. What is left are hellish wastelands that go on for hundreds of miles.

The vast majority of Earth's population lives in large cities that punctuate the wasteland. There are outposts in the wilderness, but very few civilian settlements survive more than ten years. This is partly due to the extreme conditions.

Mostly it is because of the clowns.

See, there are people who wander off into the Waste, for whatever reason they might have. They either starve and die, or they go mad and are collected by a circus. Circuses are wandering gangs of men and women driven to insanity, who paint their faces and dress like the circus clowns of old times. Many revert to a near primal state, others become ruthlessly cunning. No matter what end of the spectrum a clown might fall into, they are psychotic. The most violent of them eat human flesh and prey on outposts and people who wander too close to the cities' borders. The more contained favor subtler crimes, and many of those are able to reinstate themselves in a city's less favorable elements.

There are people who swear their lives to hunting and bringing these madmen to justice. It is a profession, much like plumbing or garbage collecting, that may not be glamorous but needs to be done. They are clown hunters, people who venture out between cities to clear the Waste of particularly nasty clowns.


Anyways that's the world. The story I have in mind is some Romeo and Juliet style crap about the power of overcoming life's difficulties or something bs like that. I was really only interested in the basic concept and fleshing out the world at this point.

The character design is for a typical waste clown, bruiser type. Big, dumb, and stark raving mad.

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