Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In the 23rd century, the contrast between poor and rich has become drastic, 70% of the population being the rich and middle class, while the 30% is the low class. The Government becomes in control of the world and decides to imprison the lower class and use them for entertainment purposes. They put them in a battle royal, where the stronger team survives. Each team is owned by a wealthy the person, the more money the more people. The owners give them new technological weapon based on a magnetic force and can only be used in practice and fighting zones.
One of the wealthy owners are against this system, so he decides to help his members survive by giving them information to help benefit them in battle. The team leader and his crew fight to get to the top and collect parts to better their weapons. Once one of the fighters figured out a way to unlock the weapons outside of fighting zones, they train to get stronger and attempt to escape this corrupt system.

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