Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Story Concept

I was thinking more along the lines of animated movie story line...

Amelia: (her necklace is her dead mother's ring on a cord, very sentimental)
Amelia is a princess fleeing her city.  The "prince charming" of our tale, Gavin, wishes to marry the princess.  Amelia, quite unhappy with this idea, runs away.  While evading the guards in attempts to make her way out of the city walls and into the forest, she runs into (literally) a musician named Oliver.  Oliver is the clingy type and begins following Amelia in her quest to leave the city, unaware that she is the princess.  Amelia is just about ready to ditch Oliver when the guards find her.  In an attempt to befriend her, Oliver distracts the guards, allowing Amelia to get outside the walls and hide amongst the trees.  The two are questing together, not quite getting along but Amelia is thankful for Oliver's help and enjoys the company.  Gavin, angry that his princess has escaped, runs off to find her himself with the help of a magic spell book he stole from a witch, as well as a few henchmen.  Upon discovering the pair, Gavin becomes enraged and attempts to murder Oliver using spells from the book.  In order to save Oliver, Amelia agrees to marry Gavin (this is also when Oliver realizes that Amelia is the princess).  Oliver is to be "disposed of" by Gavin's men to keep him from trying anything heroic.  Oliver manages to escape (unbeknownst to Gavin) and sets out on a quest to find Amelia.  Eventually discovering the pair in a secret tower, Oliver realizes he will need the spell book to save Amelia.  Oliver, clumsy as he is, ends up blowing his cover and Gavin has him chained in the dungeon.  The night before the wedding is to take place, Amelia steals the keys to the dungeon from Gavin and frees Oliver.  Together they steal the spell book and use it to defeat Gavin.  King Peter, Amelia's father, is so grateful to have his daughter home that he will give Oliver whatever gift he wants,  whether it be riches, clothing, etc, etc.  The one thing that Oliver desires is not something that King Peter can give him, for it is Amelia's heart.  She shares her love with him too and they are married and ensue happy ending!

Story could use some work but that's the rough idea of it...

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