Wednesday, May 4, 2011

longing to be left alone

Once upon a a time there was an old man who was a master of alchemy. The old man was very wise, and realized that his purpose in life was fufilled and there was no more he could do for his small tribe in the Himalaya mountains, The old man was very generous, and provided them with all the crops and cattle they needed for the rest of their lives only using some soil and his magical alchemy. The village loved him very much and praised him for his wisdom and knowledge, but the old man grew weak and just wanted to be left alone to die. One night, with just a walking stick the old man set out on his journey to wander the mountains in peace for the rest of his days. The villagers always tried to follow him, but could not scale the mountain tops like he could. He yelled and cursed at them as they followed, hoping they would turn back. But it was no use, the villagers followed, falling off the jagged cliffs to their death. The old man decided he had no choice but to scare them away with his alchemy so that nobody else would die.
He picked the limbs and body parts of the villagers off mountain tops and molted them together with slabs of fallen ice, bringing it to life with the last bit of magic that he had left. His plan worked, the moster scared the villagers all the way back to their little town. The old man was finally in peace. Since that day the monster follows the old man everywhere he goes to make sure that nobody will bother him again, even in the afterlife.

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