Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Story

That dapper young man in the above image is named Lucas. He's 7 years old and had gone through life without a care in the world. That is, until the portal under his bed was opened, revealing a whole other world, an underground world, of monsters. Not only did Lucas have no idea that these monsters existed, but the monsters had no idea that Lucas existed.
When the monsters' portal to Lucas' bedroom opened, they were confused, this world was so bright, so colorful and so scary. One night while Lucas was laying in bed, he heard a strange sound coming from underneath him. Body still planted to the mattress, he lifted the bedskirt, and lowered his head to see what had made that noise. Cries and screams rang out, not just from Lucas, but from the monsters as well. It's hard to say who was more terrified. Neither of them had seen such weird looking creatures before. Lucas lept from his bed to the bean bag chair across the room, then through the door that led to the hallway, just in case any of the monsters had climbed out of their world and where planning to eat him. He sprinted to his parents' room and dove under their covers. When his parents went to go investigate these "monsters", all they found was the left shoe that belonged to his pair of red sneakers, and his favorite teddy bear, Winston. Lucas couldn't believe it. Where did the monsters go? Where they even there in the first place? Of course they were! He saw them with his very own eyes!
He knew he had to get to the bottom of this.
Will Lucas befriend the monsters and create a universe where monsters and humans can coexist? Or will Lucas find a way to defeat these monsters and close the portal forever? Are the monsters even real, or is he letting his imagination get the best of him?
I honestly have no idea either, I haven't gotten there yet.

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